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Eye Emergencies

What Is Considered an Eye Emergency?

An eye emergency is defined as a condition requiring prompt medical attention due to a sudden change in ocular health or vision. Eye trauma, chemical exposure to the eyes, foreign objects in the eye, and ocular infections are all considered eye emergencies and should be given immediate medical attention. If you have an eye emergency, it's critical to get immediate care in order to avoid permanent damage to your vision. How prompt you are in this case will be the difference between continued vision and permanent visual impairment.

Any sudden onset of symptoms or obvious eye trauma that affects vision is an eye emergency.


Contact us without delay if you experience any of the following:

  • Eye pain

  • Bleeding of the eye

  • Blood in the white of the eye

  • Swollen or bulging eye

  • Vision loss

  • Double vision

  • New or a sudden increase in eye flashes or floaters

  • Pupils that are not the same size

  • Severe photophobia (light sensitivity)

  • Being hit in the eye

  • Bruising around the eye

  • Eye discharge

  • Suspected eye infection

  • Severe burning, stinging, itching eyes

  • Scratched or cut eye or eyelid

  • Split contact lenses in the eye

  • Foreign object stuck in the eye

If you’re uncertain whether what you're experiencing is an emergency, please contact Golden Optometry. Our highly trained staff are experienced in treating a wide range of eye emergencies and other eye conditions. We have the latest technology to thoroughly examine and evaluate eye injuries, infections, and other eye emergencies.

Tel: 250-344-6268

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